Many of your company’s most valuable assets are at risk to criminal activities carried out on the Dark Web – and you don’t even know it. Turning a blind eye to this will impact your:

  • Brand and reputation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal defenses
  • Sales
  • IT baselines
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • And much more!

Monitoring the Dark Web Working out whether your data is being sold on the dark web is challenging, but it’s worth trying. Let’s remove this blind spot in your cyber threat intelligence program by performing continuous, personalized surveillance of open and restricted Dark Web markets and forums.

  • Monitor for mentions of your organization, names, email addresses, and sensitive assets.
  • Search for mentions of your wider industry, the software you employ, and related data.
  • Infiltrate closed forums and communities.


Find out if your business is at risk from:

  • Hacking for Hire – Along with resumes of prior conquests and targets
  • General and Specific Cyber Exploits for Sale – Malware aimed at particular tech targets, businesses or industries
  • Vulnerabilities for Sale – Examples include hacked accounts, back-doors and many more
  • Stolen Intellectual Property, Designs and Counterfeits – From stolen electronics designs to shoes to fake pharmaceuticals
  • Stolen Financial Information – Includes theft of credit cards and bank accounts
  • Stolen Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Examples include medical records, social security numbers, identity theft and more
  • Targeted Spam and Phishing Campaigns – Twitter targeting, malvertising and more


As an expert SME in Cyber Intell, I provide you with a complete, out-of-the-box cyber intelligence solution that includes a personalized risk profile, baseline risk assessment, continuous monitoring and risk mitigation recommendations for both traditional and Dark Web threats. Our team of experienced threat intelligence analysts and Dark Web threat operations agents work with you to:

  • Establish a personalized cyber threat dossier
  • Conduct in-depth, laser-focused Dark Web research, data collection and analysis
  • Provide threat mitigation recommendations specific to your business

In addition to our team of analysts and agents uncovering your cyber risks from the underground markets, Cyber Advisor also includes licenses to Threat Analyst – giving you a complete picture of your relevant cyber threats and their potential impact on your business.