Category: InfoSec Gallery

9 May

FireEye released the Mandiant® Security Effectiveness Report 2020 which reveals data about how well organizations are protecting themselves against cyber threats and the overall effectiveness of their security infrastructure. The report summarizes the results of thousands of tests performed by experts from the Mandiant Security[…]

30 Jan

Research Interests: Computer and Network Security, Authentication protocols and Cryptography, VoIP Security and QoS, Secure protocol(s) implementation and testing for real-time traffic, Trust and security issues in Cloud environments.

8 Jan

London overground, critical infrastructure displaying information that opens up your attack surface. MAC address spoofing to name just one – Geeks who understand computer networks and IPs.

1 Jan

Alphabet Ransomware virus has gone very high these days. It has infected many computers worldwide. It is a nasty file encryption virus that firstly invade your computer without permission and lock down all your system files. It will hijack your[…]