iPhone will Notify You When Tracking activated

This warning will now be displayed in two places on the work-issued iPhones:

  1. Your iPhone’s lock-screen will display “This iPhone is managed by your organization” near the bottom of the screen, hindering you to use your phone for personal choice apart from professional usage.
  2. Additionally, If you’ll check the “About” menu in the Setting, it will reveal what all data had been supervised by your Employer.

Such notification was not available in the previous version of iOS. This is the first time Apple is allowing its users to check whether their organization is keeping tabs on them.

Surely employees will love this new feature in upcoming iOS 9.3, but the companies may hate this features as their stand will be exposed for tracking their employees.

These new features would mark its presence in the upcoming iOS 9.3 release on March 21, 2016.