If you’re big into BitTorrent, and you’re a Mac user, here’s hoping that you didn’t grab a recently released version of the Transmission BitTorrent client for OS X. If so, you might have unknowingly infected your computer with the platform’s first official ransomware.

According to Transmission’s website, version 2.90 of the application contained the malware, and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 2.91 (or delete their copy of 2.90) to avoid any issues it might cause. You can also do a little sleuthing yourself to see if the embedded ransomware, KeRanger, has hit your system. Just run through some of the steps listed in the “how to protect yourself” portion of a new blog post from Palo Alto Networks’ threat intelligence team, which details out the steps you’ll need to take to clear yourself of KeRanger.

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