Tag: DDoS

27 Oct

DDoS attacks are making the headlines but if you architect your infrastructure right at the DNS layer, you can significantly reduce or mitigate their impact altogether. Read this whitepaper on building redundancy with a multi DNS strategy. Whether you run[…]

15 Oct

Hackers are hijacking internet routers used in small to large businesses and homes to become a huge Botnet that they can use to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against targets from. The attacks were all coming from compromised routers[…]

9 Oct

FastNetMon – A high performance DoS/DDoS load analyser built on top of multiple packet capture engines (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFLOW, SnabbSwitch, netmap, PF_RING, PCAP).  What can we do? We can detect hosts in our networks sending or receiving large volumes of[…]